Rice Paper Rolls

I learned something new last week.  An already yummy asian stir fry recipe tastes even better when put in a rice paper wrap with some lettuce and maybe even some cucumber.  Wow.  Super fun!  Made my 5 year old enjoy it more, too!

IMG_5968 IMG_5969

  • Asian stir fry meal – I’ve done it successfully with this Pad Thai and this Snow Pea Stir Fry.  Both were fantastic!
  • Rice papers – available at many natural food stores and all Asian grocery stores
  • Fixins of your choice:  lettuce, cucumber, spinach, fresh mint, fresh cilantro, sprouts

Prepare the stir fry according to the recipe.

Heat a wide pan of water on the stove to almost boiling and then turn off.  Take one rice paper at a time and turn it in the water for about 5 seconds, until it’s starting to soften.  You’ll get the hang of how much you want to soften it.  Err on the less soft side – it will continue to soften after.  Place on a plate and spoon stir fry on rice paper.  Add fixins.  Immediately roll up and secure ends to itself.  Serve immediately.  (If left on the plate too long, it may stick.  If two rolls are touching, they WILL stick and tear.)



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